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Terms and conditions of use on the site:

Introducing the “HOMAYA” cosmetics & aromatherapy website. Is a website on the internet that runs a virtual store for the public who surfs it.

The Terms and Conditions must be read carefully and all their provisions will apply to any use or purchase on the website.

Those aged 18 and over may participate in the purchase. Participation is conditional on the delivery of correct I.D. information (name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the customer).

The site undertakes to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the surfer and not to transfer the customers’ details to any other party.

For the attention of the surfer on the site / the customer access to the site and any action / use of the site, including: browsing through the site / browsing through the pages of the site / joining the customer club on the site / purchasing a product through the site / any other use of the website, indicate the customers’ consent to the terms of the conditions below (“the terms”) and the other terms that appear on the site when used.

If the customer does not agree to any of the terms of the regulations or the additional terms on the site, he is requested to avoid making any use of the site, and in particular avoid joining the customer club, purchasing products and/ or products through the site.

The provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall apply to any use made by the customer inside the site, including purchase of products through the site. They constitute a obligatory legal agreement between him and the site and/ or between website operator.

The site or its operator may at any time and in its sole discretion change these terms and conditions.

In any case of contradiction between the provisions of the updated regulations on the site and the provisions that appear in previous versions of “regulations and / or other publications” regarding the site, will increase the provisions of the current regulations on the site, subject to changes that apply in accordance with the provisions of the law, even if they have not yet been updated in the current protocols on the website.

Headings and subheadings in these “terms and conditions” are provided for the convenience of the user and will not be used in the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions.

Return and cancellation of “Transaction Cancellation Policy” (Transactions made in a distance selling transaction made through the Website of the company or by telephone), all in accordance to the provisions of the “Consumer Protection Law” 5741-1981 and regulations enacted to its conditions (hereinafter: “the law”) shall not decrease of it.

The purchase of a product can be cancelled from the date of the order up to 14 days from the date of receiving the product or from the date of receipt of the order confirmation – whichever is later.

If you purchased a product and you did not have any effect or benefit, there is no option for a refund, because each product is individual in everything related to its effect on individual customer, whether by internal taking or external application.

All products listed on the site are new and perfect. The products come in their original packaging, unless otherwise stated clearly in the product details.

All products offered in the store are made from as natural and delicate materials as possible, with full details of all the components they include. However since there are people with different sensitivities that cannot be anticipated, the manufacturer and seller will not be responsible if the customer is allergic to the product.

The customer must aware of that, that some of the products on the site have not passed the tests of the Ministry of Health in Israel (yet).

The images displayed on the site are for illustration purposes only.

There may be a case where the same product will be delivered to the customer in a different packaging than what is shown on the website due to different packaging that is sometimes in the manufacturer’s stock instead of the mentioned one in the advertising.

The customer may cancel an order if that the packaging is sealed and the product is in the same condition as shipped within 14 days of arrival of the shipment.

The customer is aware that he will have to send the product well packed to the company address and bear the shipping costs (in case the product has already been shipped).

The credit for the returned products will be full, except for the shipping fee, provided that the products have reached the seller in proper condition and unused.

The credit will be in the same means of payment as the customer paid.

The customer must check the product upon receipt. If the customer receives the product with a defect, or is different from what has been ordered, the customer may cancel the transaction within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981.

In those cases the customer will not be charged for the shipping cost: if the product arrives broken or damaged or different from what has been ordered.

This credit will be valid for 6 months from the date of return. After that date the credit will not be honoured.

If the credit is lost / stolen or corrupted, the credit will not be replaced and it will not be possible to provide another credit or compensation for it.

The credit will be given according to the price actually paid.

Credit / exchange will only be possible for products that were not opened from their original packaging, were not damaged and were not applied. There is a deterioration in the product and its packaging, and no use of any kind has been made of them.

The credit amount will be the same as the amount actually paid when purchasing the item or a credit voucher will be given.

Cancellation of a purchase by the site operator
The Store may cancel a transaction or sale in whole or in part in following cases: A clerical error occurred, whether in the price of the product or in the description of the product. If it is discovered that there has been a communication failure or a technical problem that had prevented the users using the site accurately.

In case of force majeure, act of war, hostility, terrorism or anything else, will prevent further proper sale. If no offers are received for the purchase of the products offered on the site.

Notice of cancellation of the sale will be given to buyers by phone  or e-mail to the address specified.

On the registration page at the store, the operator will avoid charging the customer’s credit card or refund him any amount paid in respect of the product, as paid. Updates can be made from time to time on the site or ongoing maintenance work. Any mistake on the product page does not obligate the site operator and is a TLH, in which case the site operator and someone on his behalf will inform the customer of the mistake.

If the product is out of stock after a sale has taken place, the website or the supplier may cancel the sale or offer an equivalent alternative product.

In any case, the site and / or the site operator reserves a complete right not to supply a product that is out of stock without hearing any dispute in this regard.
Message on such cancellation will be made in writing or by telephone. The store or the supplier will not be responsible and will not bear any damage direct, indirect, consequential or special caused to the customer or a third party, including financial damage due to the purchase if the product is priced higher by a third party.

In a transaction made in front of the seller of the site in the site’s warehouses, the conditions for cancelling a transaction will apply in accordance to the law.

A purchase transaction is defined as a transaction that was actually charged by the site operator (entering credit information does not constitute the completing of the clearing immediately, but only the confirmation of an initial order, and at the end it is invoiced automatically to customer via email. As long as these conditions are not met, there will be no claim by the purchaser and in such a case the site operator has a full right to cancel the transaction.

Shipping charges and delivery times.

The shipping fee will be paid by the customer as part of the payment for the product and this is according to the specified rates on the page.

If the sale is in instalments, the store may charge the shipping fee in the first instalment.

The products arrive either in a locker, a collection point plus a cost of 19 NIS, by courier to the customer’s home or to the address specified at the time of the transaction at a cost of 40 NIS, for purchases over 350 NIS free shipping. The customer can choose the shipping way that is convenient for him.

Deliveries are up to 7 business days (excluding Friday-Saturday). The day the transaction is made is not included in the calculation of the 7 business days of receiving the shipment. An order received after 17:00 will be considered from the next business day.

Shipments will be paid according to the total order and in accordance with the requested form of shipment. For residents of remote localities, if the delivery is chosen to be by a messenger, it will arrive at the local mail / secretariat.

Delivery days are written in detail for each product (business days) plus shipping days (3-7 business days) from the date of order when the order date is not taken into account. The guaranteed delivery time is from the actual payment date Sundays-Thursdays, not including holidays. The seller does everything in his power to speed up the delivery time.

Nevertheless, the customer will not be able to claim compensation in the event of a delay in the arrival of the product for a reason dependent on the courier company. The seller will do everything in his power to expedite and locate the product for the customer.

The seller reserves the right not to supply a particular product, in case the product is out of stock or there is an error in the price / specifications. In such a case, the customer will be notified of the cancellation of the transaction within 24 hours of its order and will be credited within 24 hours of its interest, if charged.

The site operator, as the case may be, will take care of the delivery of the product or service purchased on the site, to the address as typed on the registration form, within the time specified on the sales page of the product unless otherwise stated.

The site operator will care to provide the product and / or service in accordance with the delivery terms specified on the sales form, subject to full payment by credit card.
The site operator will not be responsible for delays in delivering the product in the following cases: Supreme power and without prejudice to the generality of the above: war, hostilities, emergencies and natural disasters. Any reason that is beyond the control of the site.

In areas where access is restricted from a security point of view, the site operator will be allowed to supply the products in a nearby and acceptable place by prior arrangement with the customer.

The delivery times of the products and / or services as indicated on the sales form include only Business days, ie: Sunday-Thursday and don’t include Fridays Saturdays, holiday events and holidays.


Payments are made by credit cards issued by a bank in Israel: Isracard, Visa, Master Card, PAYPAL. The charge is for one payment unless the payment option is selected by the customer at the time of purchase.

The purchaser declares that he is aware of the credit card laws as far as “remote purchase” / “telephone purchase and / or” online transaction “is concerned.

In case of payment by bank transfer, the products will not be kept for the benefit of the customer until the payment is received in the bank account of the company.

Returns Our customer service is always available to you by phone, e-mail WhatsApp.
If you are interested in receiving a refund for a product that has not been used at all and is closed in its original packaging, you can send it back to us within 14 days to the address: P.O. 44214, Zip Code 91441.
Please note before sending the product back to contact customer service for confirmation. The company may charge you a one-time cancellation fee at the rate of 5% of the amount of the repurchase, or NIS 100, whichever is lower, as provided by law (hereafter: “the cancellation fee). The cost of shipping the product return will be at the customer’s expense. If you receive a defective product, please update our customer service and we will take care of your request.


“Telephone order / unpaid order”: If the customer chooses not to pay for an order made and made the payment later, the valid prices will be those that appear on the website on the day the actual payment is made and not the prices that has appeared when the order was sent.

In any case, the binding prices are those that appear on the day of ordering on the product page. Also, product inventory may change and there is no guarantee that the ordered products will be available in stock for later payment.

The seller may limit the amount of purchase, at its choice.

The unique and exclusive place of control in respect of any matter arising from the use of the site is the experienced courts in the Jerusalem area.

We will be happy to be at your disposal for any inquiries or questions.

Contact customer service.

Phone / WhatsApp 050-4-30-38-30 Email homayaca@gmail.com 
Or in writing to PO Box 44214 Zip code: 91441

We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable purchase and invite you to contact us with any questions or concerns. The content on this site does not constitute medical advice, opinion, or a substitute for consulting a specialist. The products are not defined as medicines. Use of the products is the sole responsibility of the user.